Whether you agree or not, most of us have at least something that we have in common; and that is to have a so called “Things to do before we die bucket list”. These formidable lists may be our life’s deepest secret or something that we openly share to our friends and family. Nonetheless, achieving and checking that complete- box is such an incredible self – accomplishment! (even if it’s about a chance of going to a live concert or randomly wishing for a date with your child-hood crush). Believe me, we all get the feels.

That my friend, made me push that inner nerd in me and start creating down my own personal blog. You might be thinking, “Wow, how- self- productive you are!”. Oh but no! It took me months, even years to finally make this possibly feasible to your own naked eyes. What I really mean is, those bucket lists will not work for themselves come true until you put effort on it and make them come true! Things like that definitely never happen over night, (not unless you have some super power of some sort) but rather it takes time and few extra push here and there. Whatever what’s on your list, just do it or find smart means to do it.

Anyway, you might have asked; “Why 22 & Forward?”

Well, to answer your curiosity, I am 22 years old to begin with and by the time I started this blog. My life as I’ve known it has made a 360 degrees shift, might as well we call it as life’s turning point. I GOT MARRIED. I know, it’s not really a matter of life and death. But more so, in this time I have truly felt the sense of growing (not to mention that I also have accomplished some things in my random yet so childish bucket list).

Now, you might as well be interested in my love story too, but let me talk about that in some other time.

So that’s how it is. Me, making a significant mark in this 22nd chapter of my life. But what’s more exciting are the chapters to come (even you should better watch for it!).

Cheers to my 22 & Forward!

Cheers to our remarkable chapters in life and everything there in between!

Welcome to my BLOG!

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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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