Second day in japan and we’ve decided for some little adventure. As a sea lover myself, I was thrilled to explore Fukuoka’s biggest aquarium, the Marine World.

 Located in Umino Nakamichi in Fukuoka, we took a bus to the Bayside Place and another couple of minutes by boat. It was windy with a less than 10 degree temperature so you can imagine how we were shivering as we took another train ride to our destination.

Outside the Marine World dome was already a sight to be hold. The coastline on the other side gave us some sort of chilly feels as we climbed through the long waiting stairs. But the dome itself has an incredibly interesting architecture which made me forgot how cold it was.

We bought our tickets and hurriedly reached the entrance (we were that excited). One step inside and we were surrounded with marine themed decorative which made us all set for the little expedition.

The next thing we knew, we found ourselves surrounded with sea creatures swimming underneath us. The four-wall aquarium was just filled with the most colorful fishes one could ever think of (for sure).

They also showed marine creatures from different bodies of water which I thought was also pretty educational. Seeing the biggest, tinniest, rarest and most fascinating marine life all in one place somehow made me wished a life underwater.

At the bottom of the dome was a full- wall aquarium catering bigger animals. You can get a full-live shark experience in here without dropping some blood. It felt like the bottom of the sea was literally right in front of my eyes and all what’s there were nothing but those fishes and a silhouette of me.

They also preserved iconic sea creatures such as this Oar fish which was about 272cm long and which was believed to be the guardian of the sea for Japanese, a head of a hammerhead shark that said can detect electricity and this giant isopod that – yea, I’ll just leave the thoughts to you.

And of course, we wouldn’t miss a show! – and with that I mean being entertained with some of their smartest animals. Outside we watched the marvelous panoramic scene of the whole island while enjoying the performance of some dancing sea lions and dolphins executing cool stunts.

We wont leave the island without dropping by in the souvenir area. There were some plushies and food items that you can definitely take home with you! Me and my husband just got ourselves some kitchen magnets with a Marine World logo on it. I know it’s pretty old school but hey, it’s a collectible item!

We left the island satiated with such wonderful experience as we watched the beautiful sunset from our window of our boat ride home.

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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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