Far different from the bright and tall concretes of Fukuoka, cities outside of it are consist with suburb residences. A couple of hours farther, you’ll find lesser and lesser establishments. The houses in the corner are noticeably different from the ones you see in the city – and that is where we are spending the rest of the year!

To see more what the south island of Japan has to offer (and to explore deeply in the local regions), we went on a drive to Hirado city in Nagasaki, an hour drive from Imari. Not only to sight see, we went their specifically to get a good try of their meat products that said to be so popular around the island. I know I shouldn`t be surprised of how country side the city would be since we were already at the heart of the mountainous region, but I would always be amazed to each village I visit.

I bet you will never find as peaceful as this when you see the place yourself. But don’t be surprise to see everyone driving their own cars because it is their main transportation since trains are extremely rare.

Of course, there are couple of stores and hotels around which means they are still never far behind the civilization and whatnot (just in case you get the wrong idea).

One thing for sure I will never forget every time I visit a new place is to try their local foods and shops. A cafe called Tsutaya that sells authentic Japanese sweets located just around the city for more than 500 years was just the perfect stop!

The store was surrounded with a very classic Japanese atmosphere like that of a Ryokan (a Japanese guest house). However, interestingly the counter was renovated with a contemporary vibe to suit the taste of the visiting customers. Of course, we wouldn’t miss a piece of their sweets and a sip of their coffee so we decided to pass our time in their shop for quite awhile!

The whole place, though far from the high walls and metropolitan lights has its unique perpetual beauty. The undying culture, preserved taste and wonderful people to all the cities of South will something I would definitely want to go back too.

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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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