What could possibly be better than a weekend surrounded with nature and incredible art inspiration? Well, we searched no further as we found Clematis no Oka, a multi- cultural facility located in the town of Higashino, Nagaizumo- cho in Shizuoka. What made this a one stop sight seeing and recreational place were the 3 museums, a nature park, restaurants and cafes and of course some stores to shop all of which spread over the wide area.

Once we payed our tickets, we were given our own map to go around the place for ourselves. First place on the map was the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum or MUSEO VANGI. Outside the museum was an interestingly spacious entrance with some of the artist’s creation stood around the area. Some sculptures were made of wood, cement or marble were each fascinatingly resembled of a human’s face.

We were left in awe as we entered the museum. We didn’t imagine it could be as extremely spacious as this! We were welcomed with a glass stair way while being surrounded with nothing but marbled walls and art pieces in each corner.

The sculptures were intriguingly amusing that me and my husband tried our best to interpret each piece as much as possible. We may have failed or succeeded in doing so but one way or another each has shown how us humans can be the best form of muse in an art. Well, if you asked me, my favorite was the two- face woman, (one facing in the mirror and one facing away) and I think some of you would have figured out why…

It may not be the best season to go and walk around in the vast garden since as you can see, the grass were all withered and trees were leave less. Yet still, one cannot deny the fact that they have a great expand of nature and where you can still enjoy a walk.

One of the notable museums we went to was the Izu Photo Museum. This museum reminded us of the one in Nagazaki, the Atomic Bomb Museum since both displayed memorabilia during the war and postwar of World War II in Japan. It may not sound a happy place to be (because yea, it’s not really a happy place anyway), but rather a place to reminisce and still appreciate the past. Unfortunately, they do not allow taking pictures inside, but if ever you see the place yourself, it is definitely something that would give you a time to ponder and learn about a piece of the history.

So the last museum gave us a bit of a heavy feels (but hey, don’t get me wrong, I’d say it was worth the visit). Anyway, me and my husband decided to go for a bit of a hiking this time. A part in the map was a long – long bridge all the way to another place of Clematis no Oka. It took us not less than 10 minutes to walk through the bridge. Unfortunately, the other museum closes by the time we arrived so we just enjoyed the walk back with the bridge for ourselves.

After the whole stroll, we visited some of their souvenir shops and of course enjoyed a great dinner. Did I forget to mention that inside the Clematis no Oka were really good restaurants like the Italian restaurant we dined into called Ciao Ciao. Highly recommend their all cheese pizza and their pasta because hey, who doesn’t love a slice of pizza, right?

Clematis no Oka indeed gave us a wonderful chance to unwind and breathe some fresh air. Once in a while, I think it is nice to be away from the usual crowded shopping malls to spend a weekend with!

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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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