I guess you could say there is still a child in me that wants to wander around and experience quite magical things (metaphorically speaking). Plus the fact that I am nothing but a newbie in this foreign country, that I would search in all the corners of the internet some websites that features tourist attractions around Japan – and gladly my husband is pretty much supportive about the idea.

We were able to hit two birds in one stone during our visit in the city of Kakegawa Just an hour drive from the town is a hotel grandeur that not only serves as a hotel but an attraction as well. The Hotel Tsumagoi, Yamaha Resort surrounded with hectares of land vast enough to cater horse riding, fishing, car racing and other sorts you could think of. It’s that particular place where you can wander yourself around all day with a cable car or a bus guided with a map (it is that huge!). Well, I know it sound exciting and all but for some reason, these recreations are way too exorbitant for our liking (that means, they are incredibly pricey), though I’m not making that as a way to discourage you from coming.

Anyway, enough of all the blab and let me tell you the reason what pushed us to drove 2 hours to get here. It is there Sound Illumination just located in the back yard of the hotel. Usually starts after sunset, their sound illumination itself was indeed worth the visit. Okay, so the word backyard might be too underrated for this but let’s just put it in that context. Just behind the hotel building is an open food and drinking area and a church (basically they also cater wedding parties).

Once you find yourself in the back yard (or garden per say), a C- shaped stadium will welcome you. I am guessing that is where they conduct live performances but as for that time, it was nothing but a carpet of green lights. Next thing you know, everything was carpeted with lights (not exaggerating here).

We took some little strolls still comprehending its beauty. Just a couple of minutes in and I already found an interesting spot. The Hug Spot. I know, romantically odd. In the middle of the field was a spot where you can stand with your partner and hug, I guess that’s the best way to explain it.

By looking at it, the design still wouldn’t make any sense. But wait until you see it in a higher area! Walking with all these string lights remind me of the movie Life of Pi. You know, when he was in the middle of the ocean and some magical lights were underneath him? Anyway, I hope you get the idea.

Did I forget to mention that these lights were accompanied with some music too? These lights dance in the tune of any music that is being played in the back ground whether it’s a dance or slow music. They also made quite a few stunts to make everything dramatic (and romantic) by adding some stage smoke, laser lights and floating bubbles.

As for the highlight of the evening, visitors can get a good view of the whole illumination in the 8th floor of the hotel building. Once we reached the 8th floor, which was technically the rooftop,everything just made a clear sense.

The designs, the changing of colors and the entire picture of the field. It’s a colorful music sheet with a huge G- clef, and shapes like a music note, stars and hearts, all dancing in the tune of the music by changing its color and patterns. It may be difficult to imagine in the picture but I hope somehow you get the gist.

Overall, it was mesmerizing; something you will never get tired of watching. We stayed for a couple of minutes more then concluded our visit. If I was a kid, I would definitely say it was magic that has happened there!


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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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