After the whole marine life escapade we had a couple of months back, this weekend we took another trip to experience the exciting world of birds! Yes, you heard it right! All the flying and non-flying feathery friends we knew about found in one place. I guess you could say that I have a thing with animals after visiting such kind of places.

Located in Kakegawa City we took a two hour and fifteen minute drive to reach the Kakegawa Flowers and Birds Park. That day we also planned to visit a good friend in the same city and have him tag along with us because hey, the more the merrier, right?

There are indoor and outdoor facilities that make up the entire place. Each separated with connecting doors, surrounded with walls that made up of glass and grills, and transparent ceiling allowing sunlight to pass through the glasses. I guess in an easier way to say, we can call it green houses (incredibly vast green houses) which actually make sense since the whole area is a park to begin with.

The first house was a sky garden. This scene will welcome you once you enter the entrance. If you were thinking these plants were made out of plastic, well I was also thinking the same thing but no, they are completely real! They are also bigger than they look like which made these hanging plants look like a floral chandelier -and that is by the way an awesome thing!

The second green house took us by surprised. A two separated in-door pond. Now that is something you don’t hear everyday. Though the first one was still under maintenance the second one was just good enough to fit the entire floor area. Well of course, with a little bit of space for people to walk to. Not exaggerating here but it looked like an indoor jungle with a pond in the center, trees and vines in the corners and flying species all around the place!

They also have the most colorful and rarest lotus flowers floating above the water and various species of fishes that you can feed yourself. Everything was so close to your reach that you can almost feel like you are interacting with nature.

My most favorite part was feeding the birds! Unlike other places like this, birds here are not trap in a cage, but rather they have all the freedom of space to fly and take some rest to. Also, there’s no particular staff that will tell you what to do and whatnot. You can definitely hold and feed them all on your own -with all proper care and caution of course.

And can we just take for a moment and appreciate how cute and photogenic these birds are? They seem to get use to and even enjoy interacting with humans while taking pictures of them. Believe me, I feel like they would post and smile whenever I point my camera at them.

Ah yes, owls! They’re just there sitting in the log either dozing or staring right at you. Fun fact, Kakegawa Birds Park holds the most number of owls all around Japan. So you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for Harry Potter’s pet owl because you can certainly find it here.

Remember when I told you about how you can feed the birds here? If you’re wondering how to get your hands in those bird food well, you can find that in a stall right in the middle of the hallways. All you have to do is drop a 100 yen coin and just pop out one of those treats. It amazed me how the park can entrust this whole feeding the bird idea while leaving the bird food stall open and unguarded with any staff. – or maybe it’s just me who felt that way? Lol

Now let’s take the ‘feed the birds’ idea into a new level. Outdoor, is a landscape with other more species of birds. In a separated fence were ostriches (maybe in here, they are a bit smaller and less feathery but I’m pretty sure they are in the same family). With our will and strong guts, we entered the fence to of course none other than, feed the birds!

Funnily, my husband and his friend were not really comfortable with the idea of entering inside and directly feeding these big ass birds but I’m glad in the end I was able to successfully made them do it. Lol

I also did my fair share of doing the feeding duty. It was fun until you would ran out of bird food and the birds will nag you to give them more.

If you have kids, or you are out dating with your partner, I bet this place will give you a mutual memorable experience to share. There are couple of facilities and other areas to visit such as the open pond, the mini park and the pool for penguins to spend your time with.

After these whole birds encounter, we got really hungry. Luckily, the park also serves a buffet just right underneath the sky garden. Also, souvenir shops and even flower shops are just right in the corner if you are interested for some shopping.

The last part in our itinerary was the bird show. Right after lunch, we all gathered in the hall and enjoyed some cute stunts from our feathery friends!

If you are a bird lover yourself, or just want some outside the box experience, You’ll absolutely love this place. This might be the closest birds encounter we ever had and I guess it could be worth coming back for.

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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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