Here I am in the happiest place in the world! It’s a childhood dream come true especially for those of you who grew up with Disney (like me). I mean common, who doesn’t want to experience that magical and enchanting feeling when everything seems to be beautiful when you sing?

Anyway, I knew that there will be just so much to see than my camera can take so I made a VLOG of this Disney trip instead! We may be too old for the rides and candies but we sure did bring out the child in us in this one!




I wanted to bring out my inner Alice and Cinderella so I thought I’d incorporate it through my clothes! Everything was just picture perfect that all I wished to the Cinderella fountain was to live here forever. lol


Personally I loved the vibe the movie Princess and the Frog left me. So it indeed made me completely ecstatic when I felt like I was just walking in one of the streets in New Orleans.


Of course each area has there own theme. One turn in the corner and you will be in the old western mountains. Turn one more on the side and you will be surrounded with classic stair case houses. If you guys seen the VLOG already then you’ll know how much rides we took that day. We also didn’t miss their roller coaster which we thought was the perfect combination of fun and thrill without being too overwhelming at the same time.


Ah yes, the parades! We got pretty lucky to get a good spot. I couldn’t say anything more but only to ask how are these guys perfecting their characters while wearing all these mascots?! Speaking of characters, they were all how I imagined them to be in life size! Now it makes me wanna work in Disney and hoard these costumes. lol


The night was pure magic! We stayed for the fireworks right in front of the castle. We also watched the Electrical Parade Dreamlights and the projection mapping that turns the castle into a gigantic storybook reflecting all the Disney movies from the beginning.


I obviously don’t want to conclude the night but we had a far far away journey back home (literally). But I am glad to close it with a quote from the song Disney played in the closing time: ” Your fairy tale come true is all up to you….” This was perhaps the most realistic advice I’ve heard from Disney (beyond those true-loves-first-kiss-is-the-answer-to-all kind of thing).

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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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