When looking for anything out from the ordinary, Japan has established quite a name to anything that is interesting or just straight up awesome! Having the advantage to be living in this country, I wouldn’t miss a chance to any of those. Now that is summer, we thought that it’s the perfect timing to go out more and see what this place and this season has to offer.


MUSIC CREDIT:Mogul feat. Sugar – Get Freaky

Since I couldn’t bring the camera around near water, I couldn’t capture all of the excitement but hey, hope you get all inspired to go and experience it yourself! 🙂


In one of the popular attraction in Hakone, Yunessun Resort is just what we’ve been wanting for this hot season. It’s a place to showcase those beach bod you’ve been working on for the past couple of months! It’s an all in one resort where you can dine, play, spa and swim all you want. Their classic indoor pool gives you all that excitement after you register your way to the entrance, have all your baggage stored up in the locker room and got change to your best swim wear. They have indoor and outdoor pool with restaurants and food corner on the sides because you know how we all get hungry after a swim.

Just to give you an idea, it’s a place that caters more towards for the family and children so pools aren’t that deep enough for anyone of you who wanted to go all out diving. Also, since it’s considered an onsen (hot spring spa), the water is relatively warmer if not hot (usually hot springs are really hot but now since it’s the summer season, it’s the perfect temperature for everyone who cannot deal with hot water like me). Yes, I guess you could say it’s an indoor – hot – pool.


Now don’t worry, it’s not just like a kid’s pool party. Their major attraction is the pool beverages. You heard it right! From hot green tea, noodle soup and wine you can all satisfy your desire to bath in any of your beverage choice. They also have seasonal beverage pool where they changed in every season; sometimes chocolate or miso soup but this time it was honey! But before you go out there and think of tasting them, sorry to break this to you but they are not edible and you are not aloud to drink in any of those. trust me, you’ll thank me later!


Ahh, the one that I most look forward too; bathing into my most favorite beverage in the world – coffee! 🙂 It smells so amazing like a hot brewed coffee in a gigantic mug. It looked weird and scary before you go in but when you soaked your whole body into it, you just don’t wanna leave anymore.


Their new attraction is the  three layer out-door-hot-pool with a great mountain view.What’s more interesting is the theme they chose in this area. They have all face-poop-toy floating around and all that other kinky stuff with statues formed with very interesting postures. Just try not to be all sensitive and just enjoy the humor, I guess that’s what the idea is all about in the first place!


You can definitely spend your entire weekend here at Hakone Yunessun. Not to mention that they also have hotels if you want to stay in for a couple of nights. So if you’re like me who’s not into typical hot spring but still want to enjoy a hot bath here in this country (with a little bit of weirdness on the side) this place is worth checking out!


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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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