What makes Tokyo worth visiting out from the million cities in the world is that you get to experience and see things you never would have thought to be equally amusing and crazy at the same time. Well, if you are the type of person who loves anything outside the norm then you shouldn’t definitely miss theme cafe’s and restaurants in Tokyo,Japan.

Located in the heart of Harajuku District, we made our stop for some lunch at Kawaii Monster Cafe. Think of it as a fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland. There is the cute, the crazy and the scary…

This cafe obviously is something out from the ordinary and that would mean they have quite a lot of customers. You don’t necessarily need to make a reservation before hand but you might need to queue in early to avoid the crowd.


Before entering, they let you choose which room  you want to stay (you can see them in my VLOG). We chose the Milk Stand room where baby milk bottles are hanging on the ceiling like a chandelier. In the middle of the hallway, you can also see a very big Mary go- round which they call Sweets Go Round that look like a rotating cake with fictional creatures on top of it.

Trust me, the whole cafe is something you have never seen before. The whole interior and loud music are quite overwhelming at first, but it’s definitely worth a try!


The Food? Well, as equally weird-crazy as the whole place itself. We ordered, a colorful rainbow pasta, a monster burger and a dessert which they call colorful poison parfait. Now before you make any side remarks, their dishes (as weird as it looks) taste actually pretty good! If you come here, never miss their pasta! Price range may vary although it’s quite higher than normal restaurants but you know there’s a reason for it.


This might not be your regular dine in place but sure it gives you a gist of the new Tokyo!


If you guys want to see my VLOG here in Kawaii Monster Cafe, you can check it out on my previous blog/vlog article: HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR JAPAN EXPERIENCE 🙂

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