As our journey continues to Izu Peninsula, we stopped over to one of the most famous 360 degree panoramic view in Mt. Omuro called Omuro Yama Lift.

Now if you have read my previous blog article, you’ve known that we’ve visited Shaboten Park. On the same day, we made a quick stop to Mt. Omuro and decided to give ourselves a ride in their cable cars.

Now I won’t be too mouthful about the whole experience we had since I documented all the excitement in my vlog. Please check it out down below.


MUSIC CREDIT: STAYSEE // Tom Misch: The Journey

Anyway, if you’re wondering where this beauty is located, you can find this in Omuroyama in Izu Peninsula. You can get to the peak of the mountain which stands at 580 meters above sea level by a car lift (cable car). This beautiful mountain’s crater appears like a big mortar that is 70 meters deep and has a perfect cone shape.


Once you’re there you’ll feel nothing but a breathe of fresh air. The 360 degree view of the whole Izu Peninsula made me feel like I can see everything!

Once you reach the top you can choose to walk around the summit, peek over their telescopes, play archery, purchase some souvenirs, or just take a break for some refreshments.


There is no limit as to how long you can stay on the top. As much as we want to wait for the sunset, I don’t think our spines could take the chilly breeze brought by the upcoming autumn season.


It’s definitely one of those moments that you can reminisce over and over again. The blow of the wind, the green valleys, and all the tiny things down below when you are there way up high!

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