Just before the peak of the autumn season starts to kick in, we finally had the chance to visit one of Hakone’s biggest and most spacious museum, the Hakone Open- Air Museum. Although the town of Hakone in Kanagawa prefecture is more notably known for it’s beautiful autumn sights and natural hot springs, this place also has quite a lot of small theme parks and unique museums that I think everyone should definitely tick in to their bucket list!


So we (together with my husband and some closest friends of ours) stopped by at the Air Museum while in a road trip to Hakone. It’s an outdoor and indoor museum that displays monument works and sculptures from various national and international artists. Either it’s a European inspired piece, a craft from scrap or contemporary art, each has it’s own place in the vast land of the museum.


Did I forget to mention they also have cafe’s and natural hot springs where you can soak your feet after a tiring walk around the park? Well, we actually skipped the foot bath part but we did climb up to their tallest 360 degree view tower that is made up of stained glasses!


Whether you are a museum goer or not, Hakone Open-Air Museum will give you that breathe of fresh air you’ve been looking for. It’s spacious, unique and artistic that you might actually find yourself spending the entire day here. After all, it’s the first open-air museum in Japan, so why not give it a first too?

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