All throughout the long history of Japan, Mount Fuji has been the epitome of greatness and rich culture of the country. It stood high and proud becoming one of the best resource of the town and its people surrounding it.

It’s abundance of land and water has led civilizations to grow and remained for decades and even more decades to come. Although visiting the lakes of Mt. Fuji have longed been ticked from my travel list, I have yet to discover one of its gifts that benefited for all those who seek –The Springs of Fuji.


Better known as Oshino Hakkai in Japanese, the eight ponds of Fuji has formed from its melted snow between its two lakes, Kawaguchiko and Yamanakako. Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, These eight wonders have been the talk of the town especially among tourists who wished to witness its crystal clear waters.


What made these ponds unique is a small old town that has found their way of living through the pristine waters flowing all the way from the mountain. Although some old houses were rebuilt to a newer one, one cannot deny that it’s a life away from concrete walls of modern cities.


Of course who says we will miss out stopping in for some food tasting especially their freshest fish and Japanese street food!


Oshino Hakkai is indeed a beauty to behold especially in the peak of winter season –although we came here just a little late in time when the snow that covered the town melted away. Since it has been dubbed as one of the historical sites in the country, you should know that it can get really crowded. But it definitely doesn’t alter the fact that this place can take your breath away.


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