Ahoy there mates! Ye wanna board a ship? Aye, I know ye do. Today, I’ll be taking you around sailing! I think you guessed it from my attempt for a pirate accent. So be sure to slather up a lot of sun screen because we will be spending an entire day out in the sun!

All aboard to Hakone’s Sightseeing Cruise in the waters of Lake Ashi in Kanagawa, Japan. Have you tried cruising on a lake? I know, what you’re thinking now: Isn’t the lake too small and the route too short? Well, this lake has a span of 7.1 km which made it just enough for a one day cruise. We will also be making two stops along the islands of Hakone. By the end of this cruise, you might just find yourself a treasure worth keeping.


The main stop is located in Hakonemachi – ko where you can get your ticket or park your car if you’re riding one. There are a couple of cruise schedules in one day. Just be sure to board the ship 10 minutes before its voyage.


They have three ships that board passengers daily. They are the Victory, Vasa and the Royal II. The crew welcomed us as we board our ship. It was bigger on the inside than I imagined. The ship has three floors including the deck. The cabins were also separated by ticket – class: the regular ticket passengers being on the rear part of the ship and the first class ticket passengers occupying the entire front area.


Do yourself a favor and choose to upgrade your ticket to first class. Yes, you will be paying extra but you also get the finest lounge rooms and the entire front deck. Just imagine not having to jostle with other passengers trying to get the best view while capturing that perfect moment shot where you can stretch your arms wide and soar with the wind (like that iconic scene in Titanic).


The first stop we made was in Motohakone-ko where you can find the famous Hakone- jinja Shrine. It took us around 15 minutes on foot to get to the highest point. This shrine is not only a serene place but also somewhere very close to nature.


On the other side of the island is a big Tori that is rooted right in the waters. Up front, it appears like a gigantic entrance to a whole new dimension.


I guess I won’t be taking you around much to the next stop since I have already shown you about this on my previous blog (please check my Hakone blog post: Rope way to Heaven). The second stop is basically the area where we did the rope way in Mt. Ashi which was also an incredible experience, so please do check it out as well.


We sailed back to our main stop and completed the entire sail right before the noon ended. I remember I told you about a treasure we might find along the way. For me, it was definitely the time when I was right in the middle of the huge Tori. Of course, the treasure I was saying was not something I can spend or take home with but it’s certainly one thing priceless.

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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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