Hey guys, I know it’s been quite awhile (again) for me to update my whereabouts and whatabouts. I am currently enjoying every bit of my summer vacation before I’d say hello to another months of work – home routine. Finally, I’ve took the plunge to travel outside of my comfort zone and took a 5 – day trip to the country, Korea!

It was a trip that I actually planned and saved for about a year. But I’m happy to be finally taking that flight (this time with a very good friend of mine) and experiencing a whole different culture. I know this blog has been mainly about Japan so I guess it’s nice to share something fresh.

This travel was not just ”pack and go” , we did a ton of research and planning as to where to go, what to do and even how to get there. So although this is my first time visiting the country, I am every bit as confident that these places should be in your check- list when traveling to Korea. I will also be sharing few side note tips to make your trip easier based on our experiences.


This place is a Korean cosmetic or K-BEAUTY heaven! – It’s a one – stop district for those of you who are either an enthusiast or just plain curious about the global Korean cosmetic hype. This is probably half of the reason why I chose this country to travel too. We spent our first night and an entire day just roaming in the alleys of Myeon-dong.


Side tip: Don’t exchange your entire cash at the airport. Almost every corner of this area provides better currency exchange rate. But definitely bring some cash with you while shopping.

We used the Seoul station to get here as it’s a lot closer. Also, before getting into any subways, buy a T-money card available in any convenient stores. This comes very handy when tackling transportation here.


I just have to highlight this place called LINE FRIENDS CAFE found in Myeon-dong. If you are not familiar with LINE, it’s an extremely popular messaging app in Asia particularly in Japan and Korea. I myself have been using this app to contact my friends and finally I have visited one of its shop!



I’m sure this place doesn’t need a stretchy introduction. You’ve all heard the top chart’s hit song Gangnam Style. Yup, that place is real. A lot of people say that it’s the fancier part of Korea. You’d be surprised it’s located outside the heart of Seoul. Buildings here are towering and businesses here are booming.

Side tip: Nobody is gonna believe that you’re in Gangnam unless you take a pose to this Gangnam Style Hand Statue, so don’t ever miss the chance. There are so much to see and do around the COEX Mall that almost require you a day.


Also, if you’re on a budget, the biggest underground shopping mall is located in Gangnam Station. Here is your chance for some shopping too.


If you’re into K-POP which is another indisputable hype across the globe, then never miss SM TOWN located around the COEX compound. While around the area, also check out the Starfield Library. It’s a public library that lets you have an access to around 50 thousand books and reading materials for free! Just imagine that one?



Now this area is a fusion of music, food and fashion. That is why this is where most young people hang around. There are so many unique theme cafes and restaurants and street performances that made every corner of the street up and alive. Now into the subject of fashion, Korean fashion or K-STYLE is now already taking the fashion world up a storm. Around the streets of Hongdae, you’ll find these flagship stores that are not only trendy but also Instagram worthy!





Now this is not the final wrap up of my KOREADVENTURE series because I will be posting more places that I think are worth mentioning in a separate blog story. There are just a lot of popular and notable places in Seoul that even a 5-day trip is not enough. If you have been to Seoul, don’t forget to share it too! 🙂


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