For the second part of this KOREADVENTURE series, I will be taking you with me to the prettiest and most delicious shops in Seoul. There are so many to begin with, but I narrowed it down to top 3 of I think the most unique and currently the trendiest in Korea: Cosmetic Cafes!

Yes girls, we can all agree how that sounds just very pleasing and dreamy to hear. These shops aesthetic game is also very on point that you’ll be taking a ton of snaps and photos as soon as you come in.


Style Nanda is perhaps one of the loudest name when it comes to bringing quirky and outside the box style pieces. Undeniably, they also have the most eye catching shops that sticks to a very fancy theme. The Style Nanda Pink Pool Hotel  is without a doubt looks like a hotel every girl could dream of. – well literally it’s a pink hotel.


Their make up line is also making its mark to be one of the best sellers among other Korean cosmetics.


On the third floor is their exclusive Pink Pool Cafe. Who would ever thought someone can make a swimming pool theme this gorgeous!



Now I know not everyone would enjoy the girliness aesthetic of Style Nanda especially the guys. Cosmetic Cafes doesn’t have to be female exclusive to begin with. The next cafe is actually my personal favorite. Not only because it encourages clean and green but most especially I am a big fan of the brand itself. Innisfree is another world known Korean brand that promotes natural and organic ingredients to their products.


The cafe which is located at the second and third floor are kept very minimal and light. It’s one of the most relaxing cafes I’ve ever been too where you can just rest or study without being distracted.



This last cafe is not technically a Cosmetic cafe or has any related brand for that matter. I still want to include this because it’s one of those cafes that you just have to come and see for yourself to believe it. As the name implies, the Poop Cafe takes its business seriously. It’s located in Insadong on the third floor of Ssamziegil Building. I guess I have no words to describe it except that it’s oozing with cuteness.


This cafe also serves amazing meals in these potty-like plates. Would it be weird to say I actually find their mugs adorable?


Well there you have it, my highly recommended shops and cafes to visit while in Seoul. Although it’s quite tempting to just go straight to Starbucks for a quick coffee break from shopping, why not experience something that would leave an impression? Also, who can resist something pretty and delicious all at the same time?

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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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