Now down to one month of 2019 and finally hopping to the love month, I supposed it is safe to say that one way or another we have ticked some boxes from our annual list of new year goals. If not, don’t worry, nobody’s judging you, after all we still have 10 rounds to go.

Anyway, if you have watched the last video I posted, I talked about focusing on my studies. So yes, I am now officially back to school and as a student this time. Hopefully and this I can assure you, won’t stop me from posting content on this blog.

To celebrate the not-technically-holiday, Valentine’s Day, we traveled to another big city of Portugal called Coimbra. One of the proudest landmark of the city and in the country is their oldest university called the University of Coimbra. Luckily, we also have a friend who works there and who gave as an entire tour of the school. You can see the full tour in the video above. 

To sum up, here is the list of the places mentioned and shown in the video. If you have any questions about transportation or expenses,  please feel free to ask away down in the comments. 🙂



PORTUGAL DOS PEQUENITOS. A mini version of landmarks in Portugal and some parts of the world. I genuinely enjoyed this place. You think at first it’s just a children’s playground but I can assure you that everyone no matter what age and size can definitely have fun here.


BUSSACO PALACE HOTEL. As the highlight of this trip, we stayed at Bussaco Palace Hotel in Luso, a small city close to Coimbra. It is a five star palace hotel that basically will grant your fairy tale dreams. Located at the center of an enchanted forest (as they called it),  it is truly an escape from reality.

The hotel has a restaurant which also serves the dinner and the breakfast (because in a place like that, there is really no other way to dine out somewhere). You can easily spend your entire day or two in this place; from roaming around the hotel floors, wandering around their forest garden or just simply relaxing at their veranda. It is truly a staycation at its finest. You can see the full tour in the video above. 


LUSO NATURAL SPRING. It’s a natural spring where you can get the freshest water in Portugal. If you ever visit Luso, don’t forget to bring some water containers to fill up with you!


CONIMBRIGA ARCHAEOLOGICAL RUINS. Roman ruin found in a vast area of Conimbriga. Apparently, there were really not much left of the architecture but only some walls and mosaic flooring. But it’s still definitely worth the visit.


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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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