Have you ever dreamed of staying in a palace? An experience where you can sleep and dine like a royal and wake up to the lights that escape as you open your blinds from your royal bedroom. It sounds like a dream and something that would only happen in the movies. But dreams do come true and to make this happened we head to Luso City’s very own Bussaco Palace.


Bussaco Palace Hotel in Luso, a small city close to Coimbra. is a five star palace hotel that basically will grant your fairy tale dreams. Located at the center of an enchanted forest (as they called it), it is truly an escape from reality.

Staying in palace hotels are one of the popular attractions in general (and I think some notable countries in Europe as well). Historical sights such as cathedrals, mansions and palaces are pretty much rooted in their history.


To get there, the hotel has its own bus to take visitors and customers to the destination if they do not travel by car. You can check more about transportation information to their website but as for us, we drove all the way by car were we had encountered missing our way before we finally able to reach there just before sunset.


It is also possible to only do a one day visit instead of staying their overnight if all you want is a tour around the palace and the garden or a cup of coffee in their patio.


The hotel has a restaurant which also serves the dinner and the breakfast (because in a place like that, there is really no other way to dine out somewhere). You can easily spend your entire day or two in this place; from roaming around the hotel floors, wandering around their forest garden or just simply relaxing at their veranda. It is truly a staycation at its finest.


You can see the full tour in the video below:


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Twenty-two (22) Forward is inspired from personal experiences, intimate thoughts and life adventure created and authored by LOLISA MAE SAKURAI. A special mark to her 22nd chapter, the things in between, and everything beyond there is.

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