PARIS TRIP DAY 1: Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower

We all have our dream destinations. A city or a country that we longed so badly to visit. One thing I am positively sure, one of everyone’s travel list is the beautiful city of Paris! This city, without a doubt has captured the hearts of millions  –tourists and locals alike.

Now that we are currently living in an EU country,  visiting neighboring countries in Europe is such an advantage. So, we took that chance and spent our end-of-summer holiday traveling to two countries – France and Belgium. We deliberately spent our summer holiday a little while later around the end of September to avoid the holiday crowds, the heat and the summer surge of prices – and let me tell you that it was the best idea!

SO here is our first day in Paris after an evening flight from Portugal…

Louvre Museum


In the early morning of our first full day, we went straight to the famous Louvre Museum. Upon dozens of museums in Paris, it is only a must to visit the biggest museum in the city first! We booked our tickets online in advance and we made sure to be there before it opens so lining up to get inside was quite a breeze. Underneath the famous Louvre Pyramid was an incredibly vast space that connects all the entrances of the different parts of the museum. From there on, we made sure to enter and see as much artworks as we possibly can especially a couple of the museum’s highlights. (Check out the full video of out trip)


Why of course, we could not possibly leave without a glimpse of the iconic Mona Lisa. She is perhaps the most visited art piece in the entire museum that she even has her own dedicated room! In reality, you can’t just walk in to this area without waiting in line. The wait could easily last from at least 30 minutes to more than an hour (depending on the season) while you can only have a 5 minute glimpse of her. I also documented the entire experience in my video trip 🙂


Tuileries Garden

After spending a good couple of hours in the museum and after some rest during lunch …(btw we ate inside the Museum’s Mall Food Court and I highly suggest it because they serve good food in a good price). Anyway, we exited the museum and headed towards the Arc de Carousel which is directly across it. It is also the entrance to the Tuileries Garden. I could not take in how amazingly vast this garden is. It is so vast that it appears to be different parks and gardens combined. Not to mention a huge fountain at the center which is like the cherry on top of the entire area.


Arc de Triomphe

Walking towards the end of the most famous street avenue in Paris, Champs-Élysées is the iconic Arc de Triomphe. You’ll never miss this Arc as it stood right in the middle of a huge roundabout. Across the street (where I’m standing in the picture) is a popular photo spot for tourists. But, don’t forget to cross and go closer to the Arc. You can do that by going through an underground pass. You can also climb up the arc, which will cost you an entrance fee. As for us, we just enjoyed it from below which was just equally breathtaking!

DSCF5474DCIM100GOPROG0181466.JPGIMG_0494 (1)

Eiffel Tower 

We concluded our day around the Eiffel Tower but I want to save a dedicated posts about the iconic landmark in my next blog post as well. During our stay, we made sure to end each day with an Eiffel Tower view as it is a significant symbol of Paris.


For a full experience, check the video of our trip above. There will be more Paris blog stories so please stay tune 🙂

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