Things that you may be curious to know about and I’m as equally curious to answer 🙂

Why did you call your website Twenty-two Forward and what’s your blog’s content?

I actually answered this question in my first story I ever published on this website. But just to summarize my full length explanation, It is because I started this website when I turned twenty-two years old (that’s when after I finished my entire education and landed my first job) and thought things will be much more exciting forward (in the future) which it turned out quite indeed!

Speaking of my blog’s content, since this is all about me writing and sharing down my life journey, you can see that it’s mostly about places I’ve traveled (particularly around Japan) although I admit I don’t publish quite that often, hehe. Nonetheless, I do highly value and appreciate you all my dear readers.

Outside the “online world” what do you do?

I know you are fully aware that I am currently living in Japan. Here, I am a full time teacher on weekdays and I travel mostly on my holidays which I share here in my blog. If I’m not blogging, I am probably at home reading books, sipping my coffee, playing guitar (yes, I can play guitar) or just out and about food tripping and shopping (yes, I am just like the other girls who love that too). Hehe

You are living in Japan, so you are a Japanese?

Actually No. I was born in the Philippines and later on moved to Japan. I am now living with my husband who’s an awesome help behind the camera. Yes, he is my photographer whenever you see me in the picture.

Any likes & dislikes? Have or want to have? Achievements and goals in life?

I like writing ( I guess that’s pretty obvious) but I think what you don’t know about is I am also really keen on music and art. I’ve been playing music (mainly guitar and drums) and I’ve been painting since I was young. Though I don’t do those things much often, those will always be something I am passionate about. Dislikes? I am not a picky-type although I disliked the fact that I tend to procrastinate a lot, insert-hashtag realworldproblems. Hehe

I don’t have any children yet (gosh I’m still young!) but I’ve always wanted to have a dog but not responsible enough to have one yet either  – who’s with me on that one? To answer the last, I think I have pretty much succeeded the earlier parts of my life – earned my degree, landed a job that I’ve always wanted to do (teaching) and started my very own blog website and been doing my best to tick as much things in my “Things to do before I die” bucket list. I know we all have that, admit it or not.

Future goals? I wanted to learn a particular skill. I will tell you once I make my first steps on that, and of course I hope to do my best while enjoying the process of whatever I do and whatever life has to offer – sounds a bit cliche but that is true 🙂

Sorry this was such a long FAQ. But I hope you learned a piece of me. You’ll never know, we could be friends?

To know what I’m up to follow me on my social media or just drop me a mail but just don’t come randomly knocking at my door. 🙂

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